Depression in Student-Athletes

I struggle with depression. Whether I'm on top of the world or can't get myself out of bed, it'll always be a part of my life. Depression can come in waves; sometimes, it's a tsunami that overtakes my entire life, sometimes it's a little wave that sneaks its way into my thoughts.

A Very Real and Honest Conversation About My Transition into College

While it seems delayed, I am finally ready to have this conversation full-heartedly. I can so easily tell you that it’s going to be hard. Still, it’ll be worth it, and ultimately that is what I’m going to say to you. Again, I believe that so many people who try to give advice brush over how much college turns your entire life upside down.

I Went to a Small High School and I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I said goodbye to the small school that I spent half of my life in. Within those walls, I cried so many tears, celebrated the triumphs, and made unforgettable memories that I’ll hold onto forever. Each classroom held a different lesson from teachers who cared about us like we were their own kids. In the … Continue reading I Went to a Small High School and I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Thoughts Of A Recent High School Graduate

So this is actually happening… This is the “real world” and my whole life is about to change. I cleaned out my locker and walked out the door for the last time. It doesn’t seem right, I spent the past 12 years in a building with teachers who were always looking out for us. Now … Continue reading Thoughts Of A Recent High School Graduate

Not Perfect, Not Enough

Pre-k I started my education at a small school down the street from my grandparent's house. I made friends that I would eventually lose because we went on to two different schools.   One day I lost my favorite Dora pencil. Before I lost it, we had an assignment to write numbers. With that pencil, … Continue reading Not Perfect, Not Enough