The Happiest Person has Depression

It’s me... I’m the “happiest person”

My Podcast Reveal – The Pilot Episode

Join the conversation with Hailey Nicole, a mental health advocate blogger. The current college athlete is joined by fellow athletes to share their mental health journies. Listen to hear the story of each featured current/former college athlete from all divisions and sports, and find empowerment to rethink suffering in silence.

A Very Real and Honest Conversation About My Transition into College

While it seems delayed, I am finally ready to have this conversation full-heartedly. I can so easily tell you that it’s going to be hard. Still, it’ll be worth it, and ultimately that is what I’m going to say to you. Again, I believe that so many people who try to give advice brush over how much college turns your entire life upside down.

Recovering From a Mental Illness

This is not my usual day to post nor will it become a normal day to post but today I wanted to share with you a quick recommendation before I start my topic of the week: recovery.   The big question that everyone asks: is this forever? Is there a cure? Will I feel like … Continue reading Recovering From a Mental Illness