When a Slump Gets the Best of You

These are the dreaded periods of life where you’re not experiencing an episode of depression, something is just off. Slumps cause an immense feeling of uncertainty and distress because it is hard to pinpoint what is off. Everyone goes through slumps, yet no one exactly is sure of why or how to get out of it. 

Slumps are a confusing place to be in, it is unknown how long it will last and how your mind will react during it. The best thing you can do when you find yourself in a slump is to listen to your mind and body. Your slump could be caused by several things but most likely it is because your body is burnt out. By paying attention to the needs of the mind and body, you will be able to understand your slump and what you need to get back to yourself. 

Don’t push away help because you don’t feel like your issues are serious enough, your feelings are still relevant even if you just feel off. While talking through your thoughts won’t snap you out of your slump, it will relieve the confusion in your mind. If you do nothing else, listen to your thoughts. If you’re tired, take a break. If you’re uninspired, do something else that stimulates your imagination. if you’ve lost your confidence, exaggerate positive inner-dialogue.

Slumps are weird and when you least expect it you just snap out of it. Something in your mind clicks and you’re back to feeling like yourself. Do not be discouraged by a slump, they are bound to happen along the path of anything that is meaningful. Instead of looking at how your slump is slowing you down, see what you can learn from yourself during it that will benefit you going forward. 

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