My Podcast Reveal – The Pilot Episode

Join the conversation with Hailey Nicole, a mental health advocate blogger. The current college athlete is joined by fellow athletes to share their mental health journies. Listen to hear the story of each featured current/former college athlete from all divisions and sports, and find empowerment to rethink suffering in silence.

Inside The Mind of a Successful Student-Athlete: A Year Later

Back in February, I did something that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish and it all started with my first ever blog post, published one year ago. A simple piece with such a big message took me down a road I never even imagined. Now, the piece didn’t go viral but it led … Continue reading Inside The Mind of a Successful Student-Athlete: A Year Later

A Very Real & Honest Conversation Part 2: Life Update

I say that it's okay to embrace your struggle and let yourself be sad, but it's also important to embrace your progress and let yourself be happy.

Depression in Student-Athletes

I struggle with depression. Whether I'm on top of the world or can't get myself out of bed, it'll always be a part of my life. Depression can come in waves; sometimes, it's a tsunami that overtakes my entire life, sometimes it's a little wave that sneaks its way into my thoughts.